Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Black republicans....

...and not talking about the Nas & Jay-Z collaboration. But rather those like Herman Cain, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Allen West, Alan Keyes, some black athletes (Charles Barkley at one time) who get money then vote republican. These people, as well as any socially conservative minority & woman, to be honest make me sick! Of course black people are NOT monolithic. We're not all connected to some sort of hive mind like the Borg (yes black people do watch Star Trek, make it so #1). So obviously staying with the political theme you will have black people who vote republican, even some who are Ron Paul libertarian lovers. Great thing about this country, they're free to do that...I'm free to think they're damn morons! And after a few paragraphs of banter I'll explain why.

Honestly look through the history of the U.S. in terms of white & black relations. When it comes to the hatred towards blacks from whites, it was (still is) done by social conservatives. The Klu Klux Klan, wasn't full of liberal/moderate white people, George Wallace, Mr., "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever," he wasn't liberal nor moderate. Yes he was a part of the Democratic party, but pre 1964 Civil Rights Act (Civil Rights Act of 1964 / Johnson and passage). Check out the section on passage in terms of northern Democrats/Republicans, then note the last few sentences of this paragraph) both parties had their share of socially conservative white people. It was after that law was passed that most southern & mid-western socially conservative white Democrats left the party for the republican party. This was due to anger at black people getting their damned God given rights in this country we call America. The republican party also used that socially conservative white anger over the civil rights law passage to gather votes. The tactic is famously known as "Southern Strategy (Southern Strategy)." Hence why today most of your white social conservatives are with the republican party & most minorities & moderate/liberal whites stand with the Democrats. Though you do still have your rural type socially conservative Democrats or as they're sometimes called "Reagan Democrats."

That said a central core of conservatism is not changing, keeping the status quo. It's about conserving what people know, "their way of life," if you ask me. When you understand that it makes plain sense why you see older socially conservative white people so up in arms about giving people civil rights, up in arms about women's rights, up in arms about immigration. They use illegal immigration as a scapegoat but if every immigrant were here legally they'd still be upset! It's about America not being majority white anymore that has them unhappy. They grew up in the era of Jim Crow, were taught blacks, other minorities are genetically inferior, not human. Therefore we shouldn't have the same rights in this country (or planet for that matter) that they have. It's why even some damn elected republican figures (be it local, state, federal level) have made racially toned remarks (may slip by others but not me) towards Pres. Obama. In their eyes he's not qualified to be president because he's black & blacks by definition are supposedly genetically inferior according to their forefathers. And then you have the group of middle aged socially conservative white people, who don't seem all that different from their parents or grandparents. Which obviously makes since as their views on minorities, liberal/moderate whites will be similar to their parents since they were fed the same propaganda. They themselves grew up in that rough transition period (technically the U.S. is still there now in my opinion) during late 60's-70's, where social conservative white America still had to get adjusted to not being able to legally discriminate against blacks, other minorities anymore.

Now when it comes to the kids of these middle aged social conservatives, that's where things change a bit. Because of things like sports, popular music of the 90's & 00's, seeing actors like Denzel Washington, Will Smith, hell even know seeing a black president, the younger generation is less likely to hold the same views as their parents & grandparents. They've intermingled with blacks & other minorities & gay people. They know that it's someone's character NOT skin color that makes them the way they are! They know that character was shaped by one's environment in which one's social-economic status plays a BIG role. It's also why you may often see younger white people with a liberal or moderate slant as compared to their parents, older people in their family. Should be no surprise that of the Occupy crowd there's a decent amount of younger white people participating. Now don't get it twisted, there's still young, staunchly socially conservative white people out there too, in training to be the next Sean Hannity or random Fox News anchor....or douche Rush Limbaugh.

Now time to tie everything back into my opening paragraph. Given the history of this country in terms of how socially conservative white people view black people, how can any self respecting black person (or minority or female) be socially conservative & vote republican!!! Not saying that the current Democratic party is an angel because it's not. There's always room for improvement with the party. But given how things in this country have progressed since 1964, given that throughout history it's been progressively (liberal) minded people that have wanted rights for all, given how liberal/moderate (well most moderate) whites AREN'T racist towards blacks (believe me I know this)...I just can't see why if you're a minority you wouldn't vote Democratic. Or at the very least if you don't like the Democratic party either, then just sit your ass at home. A vote for the republican party is a vote for evil if you want me to be down right honest. Especially with this new Tea Party induced republican party we see today.

I mean go back 50, 60, 70 years & Herman Cain, Condoleezza Rice, Colin damn way they'd be able to get where they are because of discrimination and hatred in this country that was ignored, even sanctioned by the government. It was the 1964 Civil Rights Act, passed by Lyndon Johnson a Democrat (yes from Texas, but not all Texans are bad) that allowed Cain, Powell other black republicans to even have a fair shot at a damn equal education. That education that allowed them to get where they got to! For them to hold a socially conservative view in my opinion, vote for a socially conservative party (the republicans aka GOP) is a damn slap in the face to Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Edgar Evers, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy & every other civil rights leader, sit-in participant who fought for equal rights for blacks. Being associated with a party that wants to restrict a woman's right to choose, wants to cut education funding to make our children dumber, wants to insure people don't have adequate healthcare, has a candidate (Ron Paul) who wants to do away with the 1964 Civil Rights Act...that's just a damn shame!

These black Republicans need to realize that when some socially conservative assholes on stormfront (won't link to that site) talks about how all "niggers" are dumb, they're being included too. When some good ol' boy at Augusta country club looks at a server or perhaps caddy with disdain, they're being included too. If Colin Powell was just an average 9a-5p worker, guy on the street, think he'd get much respect from social conservatives!? For some of these athletes who vote republican when they get money...if your ass wasn't playing ball, just an average guy walking down the street...those social conservative white people won't be cheering for you...they'd think you're suspicious looking (like Trayvon)!

I'd rather pay my fair share of taxes even if it means more money out of my paycheck, as long as I get to keep my civil rights & make sure those not as fortunate as me right now (regardless or race, gender, sexuality, religion) get to have the same shot at a decent education like me, so they can have a chance at the same level of life that I have!

Rant over...shame on black republicans...